Educational Audiology


Rapid technological advances means that the role of an Educational Audiologist is an ever-evolving one. Hearing aid, auditory implant, assistive listening and acoustics technology is continually changing. 

This column provides an overview of the wide-ranging equipment that is part and parcel of the role of an Educational Audiologist.


An Educational Audiologist works with children from birth to 25 years in England (and school leaving age in Northern Ireland and Wales), providing a vital link between health and education, with unique training to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide children, young people, families and education providers with the information needed to make informed choices about technology, provision and support.


This column provides an overview of the background and history in terms of the importance of the work of an Educational Audiologist supporting children and young people with hearing loss at home, in early years settings, schools and further/higher education establishments. 

Educational Audiology

An Educational Audiologist fulfils the unique role of providing expertise and liaison between education and  health professionals, to improve outcomes for children and young people who are deaf (CYPD) and provide families and other professionals with timely, empowering, ongoing support to meet the needs of their child.


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