• Large scale case study conducted over six months (Jan-July 2012) in 8 schools across Scotland (3 primaries and 5 secondaries)
  • Sample included 365 students varying in age from P3 to S2, iPad teacher champions in each school and parents from each school
  • A mixed methods approach collecting both quantitative and qualitative data from students, teachers and parents. Methods included:
    • a baseline survey for students (n =) teachers (n= ) and parents (n=)
    • an exit survey for students (n = ) and parents (n = )


Using tablets effectively to enhance learning in schools

This MESH Guide is based on Kevin Burden, K., Hopkins, P., Dr Male, Dr. T., Martin, Dr. S., Christine Trala, C. 2012. iPad Scotland Evaluation. University of Hull. Available at:

http://www.e-learningfoundation.com/Websites/elearningfoundation/images/PDF%20Documents/iPad_Scotland_Evaluation.pdf [Accessed 13th Dec 2014]

Using Tablets effectively to enhance learning in schools

Using iPads effectively to enhance learning in schools: Image



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