Glue Ear: Guide

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Experiences of Glue Ear

Families benefit from finding out about other children’s experiences of Glue Ear. Hearing from other parents about the impact that glue ear has had on their child’s behaviour for example, can be reassuring that they are not alone.

It is hoped that it may be possible to add different experiences of Glue Ear in this section.

You could consider sharing the following information:

1.      What made you concerned about your child and hearing problems?

2.      Who did you ask for help and advice?

3.      What happened next?

4.      What treatment if any was offered/explained to you? 

5.      Has the Glue Ear been resolved? 

6.      Or if not, what is happening currently/the future plan? 

7.      What help and advice has there been suggested for nursery/school staff?

If you would be willing to share your experience please email