Autism and Deafness

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There are various online forums for Teachers of the Deaf and parents of deaf children, in the UK and other parts of the world.  BATOD manages an email forum.

You are welcome to join the online community here to keep in touch.

Areas for further research

Research considering means of communication

Editors' comments

Deafness affects children's access to education all over the world.  Multiple conditions result in very small groups of CYP to study and complete statistically meaningful research studies.

We welcome further case studies.  Please send these to Please also include areas you would like researched.


Whilst the content here is focused on practice in England it is hoped it may be of use generically and help to raise awareness, attracting others to contribute their own research and evidence-based practice.

Strength of evidence

There is established practice and expertise amongst the profession...

Autism and Deafness: Guide

Joyce Sewell-Rutter and Stephanie Dawson | View as single page | Feedback/Impact




For many autistic deaf children the daily routine is very important.  There are numerous ways to present this depending on the age and need of the child.   Commercial products are available which can be customised.  Its graphical presentation in terms of clutter/colour/contrast/style are considerations.  Some websites have free downloadable templates.  Customised photos work for some children.

Resources to create timetable are available on line. Some examples of visual timetables: and routines: 



There is little dedicated support for families experiencing deafness and autism outside of that provided by the local offer, DeafCAMHS and web sites.

YouTube National Deaf CAMHS Deaf Children and adolescents with Autism A Guide for Parents and Professionals  

Behaviours and stereotypies

These can be varied, significant and hard to manage.

Alternative therapies - Yoga, Music Therapy, Equine Therapy, Dog Therapy

Although not supported by research data, many interventions are successfully used to help autistic children and might also be of benefit for deaf autistic children; many are outlined in the book: Fleming B., Hurley H., and the Goth (2015) Choosing Autism Interventions A Research Based Guide Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd


If you have evidence please get in touch

Equine Therapy

Dog Therapy


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