Classroom Dialogue and Learning

Dr Victoria Cook, Dr Louis Major, Dr Sara Hennessy with Farah Ahmed, Elisa Calcagni and other colleagues from the Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research Group (CEDiR) | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

A dialogue-based approach to using the interactive whiteboard in learning

Recent research has explored how the interactive whiteboard (IWB) can be used to encourage dialogue with primary and secondary children across subject areas (Hennessy, Warwick, Brown, Rawlins & Neale, 2014). An overview of the project can be found here:

The ‘resource bank and templates’ section of the project website provides a variety of ideas for IWB activities designed to promote dialogue:


Hennessy, S., Warwick, P., Brown, L., Rawlins, D. & Neale, C. (2014). Developing interactive teaching and learning using the IWB: a resource for teachers."  Open University Press.