Example one-hour session plan 3-5 years - Debra Laxton

With thanks to  - Debra Laxton

Exemplar Early Years Plan for a Loose Parts Play Experience for 3 – 5 year olds

Note: teachers follow a planning cycle of: plan, do, review so that they learn more about how to teach members of a class group effectively.

Session Context:

Example One hour session plan 0-3/4 years

With thanks to Bea Waterford and Donna Twyford, Baby College.

The Trainers booklet (Section 3.2) has an example from the Baby College organisation which provides one hour sessions for early years children across the UK. The sessions are based on the principles for early years education outlined elsewhere in this Guide. The Table here was developed for the UK context.

Play for Mathematical Development

Play to Promote Literacy (reading and writing)

Play to Promote Language and Listening

Play Types

With thanks to Debra Laxton, University of Chichester.

a.          Play to Promote the Building and Maintaining of Relationships

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