Online Collaborative Learning

John Cuthell, Helen Caldwell, Hanefa Osman, Christina Preston, Sarah Younie (MirandaNet Fellowship) | View as single page | Feedback/Impact


MirandaMods (DrewBuddy) As the years progressed, MirandaNet Fellows knitted together several different technologies so that members in a physical room could debate with members who were unable to travel. The generic term, ‘unconference’ is one in which the input of all the participants has equal weight. This contrasts with a conventional conference with nominated speakers who take questions at the end of their talk. A ‘Mod’ is a Scottish word for a meeting and one of the members, Drew Buddy, coined the term MirandaMod for MirandaNet debates using a collation of technologies that could be used to capture notes from which to publish articles, papers, and case studies to inform educators globally.