BRIST: Case Study 2

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Making Claims

The aim was to see if the technology enhanced pupil engagement in the topic and motivated them to complete the tasks in their online groups. Also, did it aid their learning of the curriculum content on the environment and enhance intercultural understanding of climate change in other countries. 

From the data it can be seen that the pupils used the range of functionality on the online platform - to share their experiences, discuss their findings and prepare their slides to show their data and their final written report.  The teacher used the recording of their presentations, and each pupil had to produce a written report, to make a judgment about their understanding of the issue of environmental challenges and formally assess the learning outcomes. 

However, the technology also highlighted through its use, a range of other softer skills that were developed 

  • inter-cultural exchange and engagement with children from Botswana 
  • enhancing understanding of environmental impacts in other countries - Okavango delta 
  • facilitated communication and teamwork skills 

The teacher was able to compare this cohort to the previous year, where pupils had done a book-based case study of environmental impact.