Entrepreneurship Education

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Video Example: Teachers TV: Enterprise Education : The Deep End

This fourteen minute programme shows how a secondary school in Bradford are running a sub aqua business within the school aimed principally at local primary schools. The video shows the different roles and motivations that pupils have in participating in this mini enterprise. The issues of health and safety that are clearly central to this endeavour are not considered in the video but must have an impact on resourcing. To what extent is this reliant on the good will and commitment of the teachers in ensuring that safety is paramount.

A Year 11 Ilkley Grammar School student Nik has a placement with a Bradford design company and takes on the challenge of specifying, designing and costing a consumer magazine. The pupil experiences a real business environment where he has to show initiative in a range of business related skills to create new enterprise. There is the issue of equity of access for all students to quality placements which is not discussed in the programme.

Source: Teachers TV programme (2010) hosted on the Times Educational Supplement Web Site Accessed 05/03/2015