Autism and Deafness: Guide

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Alternative therapies - Yoga, Music Therapy, Equine Therapy, Dog Therapy

Although not supported by research data, many interventions are successfully used to help autistic children and might also be of benefit for deaf autistic children;

many are outlined in the book: Fleming B., Hurley H., and the Goth (2015) Choosing Autism Interventions A Research Based Guide Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd


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Equine Therapy

Many autistic children find horse riding beneficial

Dog Therapy

If you have evidence please get in touch

Music Therapy

There is research and anecdotal evidence of the benefits of music for both deaf children and autistic children.

Music Digest is a report by Dr J Galpin looking at the effects of music on children.

Bright Futures School for children with autism. specialises in provision for children with autism and brings a new approach to autism education.  The school focuses on the core difficulties that lie at the heart of autism. These include problems with rigid thinking, managing uncertainty and change, social interaction and understanding and managing emotions. These are the difficulties that are at the root of distressed (challenging) behaviour.