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Introduction to the cases

In this column several cases are presented. When designing a learning scenario with both video technology and collaborative pedagogy, the principles mentioned in this MESHGuide can be combined in various ways. This column considers a subset of these combinations and the corresponding cases.

Case studies

In the ViSuAL project we carried out several experiments on VSCL. You can find short descriptions of a few of them here.

Case studies

Case Study 1. Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary School, Lincolnshire

Case studies

text forthcoming during 2021


Case study 1

Collaborative learning and working through networks, Austria



In 2017 Wales developed schools as learning organisations (SLOs) a key means for realising improvements in schools and curriculum. An SLO has the capacity to change and

adapt routinely to new environments and circumstances as its members, individually and together, learn their way to realising their vision. Collective working and learning and expanding the skills and learning of new ones by many teachers, teaching support staff, school leaders and others involved is believed essential for bringing Wales’ new curriculum to life.

Case studies

This study is under review in the Journal of Early Years Education, the study reports the findings of a mixed method research study (qualitative and quantitative) on the effectiveness of specifically developed learning resources and workshops on handwashing for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in the UK. The A Germ's Journey educational resources were developed to aid both young children's understanding and engagement with microbiology and hand-hygiene, currently there are limited learning resources that teach young children about the cause and effect of germs.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea: contribution by Fiona Kirby, VSO

Reference: > education-news

Sub-Saharan Africa

There are many publications reporting on activities.  Further synthesis and sharing of summaries of what has been achieved would be advantageous for all with an interest in this area. Examples are provided here.

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