English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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Teaching and Learning for pupils with English as an additional language
Identifying the teaching context for EAL learners
Developing language and literacy for EAL learners
Resourcing the teaching of EAL learners

Case studies

In designing this MESHGuide for EAL the authors drew on the thinking and feedback of teachers and learning support assistants (LSAs) in schools where numbers of EAL pupils were relatively low but where practice for EAL was recognised as well-informed by Hampshire EMTAS. The process of design involved the teachers in trialling aspects of the guide as part of the their active practice with their EAL learners; the resulting action research projects form the case studies in this section. The project outline form was adapted from The TACTICS Framework for teacher action-research which was developed by Professor James O’Meara of National Louis University, Chicago, USA.

The authors give very grateful thanks to the following schools and their staff:

Harrison Primary School, Fareham, Hampshire

Henry Beaufort Secondary School, Winchester, Hampshire

Ranvilles Infants School, Fareham, Hampshire

St Bernadette’s RC Primary, Farnborough. Hampshire

St. Michaels CE Infants School,  Aldershot, Hampshire

Over time it is hoped that more case studies exemplifying good practice will be added to this column and school practitioners are invited to make contact with the lead author (Naomi Flynn n.flynn@reading.ac.uk)

Original guide sponsored by the University of Winchester, this revision sponsored by The University of Reading and Hampshire EMTAS.