Acoustics - hearing, listening and learning: Guide

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BATOD Foundation Conference proceedings

BATOD Foundation held two study days - the 2011 one was sponsored by the Suppliers of Soundfield Systems and the 2012 study day celebrated the Ewing Foundation 60th birthday. Each event was open to all professionals working in deaf education; SENCOs and teachers in mainstream schools; architects and planners working with new and old buildings especially where hearing-impaired children and young people are educated. The list included school governors and parents and anyone who wanted to learn more about how to improve the listening and learning conditions in schools and secure excellent speech intelligibility to optimise pupils' learning.

All the presentations, listed below, can be accessed on the BATOD Foundation website, or through the links below.

What are they hearing? Wendy McCracken (Senior Lecturer, Manchester University) ilearn link

Benefiting everyone in school Roger Turner (Educational Consultant)

Gathering evidence in support of improving the acoustic conditions of classrooms Matthew Bysouth (Educational Audiologist)

Acoustic Treatment in the rooms we have Shane Cryer (Ecophon)

The Essex Project David Canning (Group Manager: Sensory Newham)

FM and SFS Liz Reed-Beadle and John Popplestone (FM Working Group)

Identifying funding Brian Gale NDCS

Impact case study - Soundfield in Hertfordshire Honor Andersen

What are they hearing?  Professor Wendy McCracken (Manchester Univ)

Benefitting everyone in school  Roger Turner (Educational Consultant)

Gathering evidence in support of improving the acoustic conditions of classrooms  Tim Wilding (Manchester Univ)

Acoustic treatment in the rooms we have Bob Moon (Ecophon)

Evaluation of fm and SFS Oticon Foundation  Anne Roberts + FM team

LENA (Language ENvironment Analysis)  Imran Mulla (Ear Foundation and Manchester Univ)