British Sign Language (BSL): Guide

Dani Sive (Headteacher Frank Barnes School) and Catherine Drew (Key Stage 1/2 Team Leader Frank Barnes School) | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

BSL Curriculum

The Sign Bilingual Consortium,  which consists of numerous schools across the UK, met in the Summer 2017.  It was agreed that there is a need for a BSL Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools with the aim of pupils learning BSL: its features; history and culture and most of all, the language itself to ensure that every child has the right to an education in their native sign language as well as for those learning sign language as a second language. 

In January 2018, Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children made the first step in creating a BSL Curriculum that can be used by Primary and Secondary Schools nationally.

The BSL Curriculum working group has 2-monthly meetings with deaf and hearing professionals ranging from BSL teachers to Speech and Language Therapists to Teachers of the Deaf working together representing at least 15 different settings: Deaf Primary and Secondary Schools; Units; Resource Base and Organisations.

The settings involved in the working group are: