Natural Aural Approach: Guide

Sue Lewis, Alison Holmans and Cate Statham | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Working With Professionals

A Teacher of the Deaf is there to support the family following the identification of a baby or child’s hearing loss.

Foremost is the recognition of the importance of family.  When a baby or child is diagnosed with a hearing loss there are usually multiple referrals to other professionals (e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Paediatrician, Ear Nose and Throat Consultant, Portage, Ophthalmology).  The Teacher of the Deaf can help the family to navigate this and coordinate all the support offered and is a part of the Team Around the Child (TAC)

The Teacher of the Deaf will continue to work with the child, family and other professionals as the child enters formal education, nursery or school.  This will mean working with the class teacher to ensure that appropriate adjustments are made for the deaf child, in terms of equipment, seating position (so they can see) and environmental noise.  Ongoing advice and training about hearing loss and the implications for the child and dependent on need direct teaching.  Sometimes the child will need an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in order to achieve their potential. Details about an ECHP may be found here.