Online Communities

Online Communities

There are a number of mathematics professional associations which have membership open to the teachers anywhere in the world. Most associations will have online communities of some type to support members in their professional development. If you cannot find such an association in your country then the UK professional associations may be able to help you. See for example the Association of teachers of mathematics and the Mathematical Association.


Transferability: 4*

Contributors to the Guide - teachers, teacher educators and researchers- have come from many countries and we have found similarities in practice across countries. Therefore we consider the content here to be highly transferable.

Editors' notes

Editors' notes

This MESHGuide provides an introduction to the basic pedagogical knowledge for the teaching of lower primary mathematics.

Further contributions and feedback are welcome (enquiries@meshguides.org).


Strength of Evidence

Strength of Evidence 4*
Where possible research underpinning the advice is cited. We have found the structure of the curriculum is similar in the countries we examined.

Early Years Mathematics

Guidance for introducing mathematics to children under 5 years old is here:

From EYS - Numeracy for early years

From EYS - Numeracy for early years

All children can achieve - a case study

Year 5 Intervention at a Peterborough UK primary school - A case study in the practical application of cognitive load theory and a mastery approach – Christopher Such

Fixed mindsets, gender and ability

The Problem with Fixed Mindset and Mathematics by Emma Goto, University of Winchester, UK

Links to other country curricula

International maths curricula

The topics that this MESHGuides is based on were chosen from considering curriculums from a range of countries. This was. done by exploring the TIMMS and PIRLS websiteThe TIMSS 2015 Encyclopedia: Education Policy and Curriculum in Mathematics and Science provides a good range of data and information.


NRich UK - https://nrich.maths.org

NRICH's was established by Toni Beardon and other University of Cambridge UK academics as one of the earliest educational internet developments. 

The resources cover primary through to secondary and are free and open to everyone.

NRICH is part of the Millennium Mathematics Project at the University of Cambridge. NRICH is made possible by donations and grants from organisations and individuals who share the commitment to giving all students access to a rich, imaginative mathematics education.


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