Language & Definitions (Dictionaries)

It is essentail that teacher introducce children to matematical language and the following may help:

This comprehensive Maths Dictionary, linking games and puzzles with definitions has been put together by maths specialists from the University of Oxford in the UK:

Making teaching materials from local resources

The Numeracy for All booklet (freely downloadable on https://www.vsointernational.org/our-work/inclusive-education/numeracy-f...) was produced by an experienced teacher and VSO volunteer, Mary Watkins.

In 2014, Mary volunteered with VSO in Rwanda as a Methodology and Resources Advisor working at a teacher training college and in local schools. 

Numeracy for All booklet

The Numeracy for All booklet (freely downloadable on http://www.vsointernational.org/numeracyforall) was produced by an experienced teacher and VSO volunteer, Mary Watkins. It provides detail of how to use different teaching materials and also how to make them if necessary from no-cost or low-cost local resources.

Numbers and operations


Numbers and operations


Written by Jane Jones (University of Winchester) and Clare Tope (Open University)

Numeracy for All

This Guide is a joint collaboration between VSO International and the Education Futures Collaboration Charity which oversees the MESHGuides initiative.

Major reports

The major reports below outline core research findings underpinning the advice in this guide.


This report from extensive research covers classroom management, objective setting, homework, classroom and behaviour management, language, Assessment for learning, plenaries (UK Government Report).


Summaries and case studies

We welcome submissions of evidence based case studies - see the example in “All Children can Achieve” below. Email enquiries@meshguides.org with suggestions. 

Activities and Resources, Videos

We welcome submissions of evidence based Activities and Resources. Email enquiries@meshguides.org with suggestions. 

Competences for 6-8 yr olds

This triangle which is repeated here summarises the key concepts, processes and attitudes that need to be considered in designing a mathematics curriculum. This has been designed by Peter Lacey a UK maths teacher and school inspector (www.ecarda.co.uk) and is explained in the cell Teaching Approaches Overview.



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