New Zealand

The Education Hub is developing Early Years advice which can be found here: (https://www.theeducationhub.org.nz/research/). A number of these show how the culture of indigenous people can be integrated into early years teaching.


For an example of an initiative set up to support teachers managing large class sizes, see VSO’s successful experiment with small group use of Ipads to provide personalised tuition at the child’s own level. Email enquiry@vsoint.org for further information.


See the National strategic plan - extract below (NATIONAL_EARLY_CHILDHOOD_POLICY_STRATEGIC_PLAN_2016-2021.PDF)

and other Early Years statements and publications http://www.migeprof.gov.rw/index.php?id=60, also www.migeprof.gov.rw

Rwanda case study

South Africa

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea: contribution by Fiona Kirby, VSO

Reference: https://edu.pngfacts.com > education-news

Raising children in a time of disruption


Summary for Family Use: in Burmese

You are welcome to download and adapt this document for your context.

Summary for Family Use: in Burmese

Summary for Family Use: in Burmese


Summary for Family Use: for adaption

You are welcome to download, adapt and translate this document for your context.

Summary for family use document download


Types of songs/rhymes to be locally sourced

Each community will have songs, rhymes  and games which are used to teach children about the community and the environment they are living in. New songs/rhymes may be needed to explain the world children find themselves in.


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