Radio aids – optimising listening opportunities: Guide

Gill Weston, Pauline Cobbold, Cate Statham and Helen Maiden with contributions by James Mander, Gary Webster and Brian Copsey | View as single page | Feedback/Impact

Good practice

The UK Children's Radio Aid Working Group, working with the NDCS, have produced the Quality Standards for the use of personal radio aids.  This is a resource for those who commission services for deaf children, practitioners who work with them and manufacturers.  It aims to provide realistic and attainable quality standards and describe good practice for the selection, fitting, management and evaluation of radio aid systems for CYP.

There is also a Good Practice Guide, accessible on the website, on the ‘Quality Standards 2017’ tab which gives practical ideas on how to attain the Quality Standards.

See also ‘Routine Checks’, ‘Use in Educational settings’ and ‘Use in everyday life’ in this MESHGuide.