TEL Communities

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TEL Communities
Definitions: Theoretical background relevant to technology facilitated social learning
Research evidence: Systematic literature reviews on the theme of technology facilitated social learning

Types of interactions within the TWT community

Interactions image

Visual content + Explanations = Transfer to practice

The content participants uploaded to the G+ Community was predominantly visual, often it was interactive or hyperlinked to other media.Combined with their explanations, it offered us examples of the e-tivity tasks being used in practice. This is an example of a straight 2-way relationship.

Comments + Conversations = Peer to peer learning

Here the hybrid mooc moves on from Blackboard by bringing in the community. The linked codes show us a pattern of interactions around themes. We looked at types of interactions within the comments. We can see how strongly the comments influence across the process.Peer to Peer learning was evident in all media on the MOOC, G+, Twitter, in comments and in conversations. Conversations grew as people asked questions and answers were given. There were many “Ooo I’m going to try that now…” and Good idea - you’ve inspired me to have a go” type comments. We are sure a lot of “lurkers” also gained from these interactions, but it is evidence we will never have.

Reflection + Peer to Peer Learning = Transfer to Practice

Our participants are having virtual discussions about real practice. The knowledge transfer is not so much in what they have posted so much as the discussions around the posts. It is not as simple as implementing the eTivities, but much more complex as people learn from each other and knowledge transfer becomes closely linked to participants’ roles within the CoP.  Reflection comes across all the media that we analysed. Some had done an eTivity, learnt from each other, and now intended to do something different. Their learning journey looks like this: eTivity> peer to peer learning> self reflection> action.