TEL Communities

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TEL Communities
Definitions: Theoretical background relevant to technology facilitated social learning
Research evidence: Systematic literature reviews on the theme of technology facilitated social learning

Example 4: Using blogs and communities for student assessment in HE

Course: BA QTS undergraduate computing modules

Assignment: Create and maintain a blogfolio as a reflective journal and multimodal portfolio of work

Tools: Edublogs Pro and Google+ community

Marking strands: use of the blog format, subject knowledge, reflection on pedagogy, contribution to group outcomes

Key idea:

Writing for a live and responsive audience is a transferable skill for class teaching. The presence of a commenting audience provides an incentive to write and facilitates informal peer-to-peer learning.

The use of blogs and communities for student assessment is exaplained in this video:

Using blogs and communities for student assessent video link

Video script:

Further reading:

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