TEL Communities

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TEL Communities
Definitions: Theoretical background relevant to technology facilitated social learning
Research evidence: Systematic literature reviews on the theme of technology facilitated social learning

More examples of DLaB tools


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The eTwinning platform provided an online community base for the pupils, supported by their teachers. They used it to exchange ideas via a blog, to post their skype sessions and to swap and respond to each other’s digital artifacts. Here are some examples of technology tools used to connect classrooms and inspire each other.  
Some tools facilitated the collaborative production of a shared digital artifact: digital art map, sketchbook circles, eBooks.
Others facilitated exchanges or conversations taking place, many of which relied on images rather than words and were independent of language:  Thinglink drawers, virtual sculptures, postcard swaps based on VR experiences, swapping colour palettes, talking inanimate objects, instructional videos.

Image sources: Jean Edwards, University of Northampton