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TEL Communities
Definitions: Theoretical background relevant to technology facilitated social learning
Research evidence: Systematic literature reviews on the theme of technology facilitated social learning

Stages of technology integration

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The four stage model of technology integration frames learning in stages that move from externally directed learning to self directed learning, based on a gradual release of scaffolding and support. It may be useful when planning learning experiences to think about which stage applies. An aim is to match the technology available with the abilities of the learners to use it to meet their personal learning needs.


Stage 1: Learners have asynchronous access to information and peer networks and may select technologies and content.

Stage 2: Learners have access to information, networks and communities together with supporting frameworks and direction.

Stage3: Learners make self-directed and varied use of mobile learning experiences within flexible curriculum.

Stage 4: Learners engage in self-directed learning accompanied by the connectivity of authentic networks. Learning results in personal and social change. Technology tools are used collaboratively to facilitate higher order learning activities that may not have been possible.

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