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TEL Communities
Definitions: Theoretical background relevant to technology facilitated social learning
Research evidence: Systematic literature reviews on the theme of technology facilitated social learning

The SAMR model

Substitution: a substitute for what you might do already, with no functional change.

Augmentation: improvement over what you did without the technology.

Modification:  significantly redesigning the task.

Redefinition: allowing you to do what was previously not possible.

SAMR model image

The SAMR model can be a useful tool for thinking about what technology use adds to learning. Some suggest that using technology for collaboration and individual inquiry may be key to the redefinition stage:

“Opportunities for teamwork and peer-assessment are evolving rapidly and present educators with an amazing opportunity to fast-forward through the stages of the SAMR model. Creating a file, sharing it with others for real-time feedback and then receiving it back for alterations will become the standard in education and beyond. Teams of students creating parts of a larger, multimedia presentation prepares them for the inevitable expectations and logistics of the modern workplace. Surely this is the best way to access the Redefinition stage?’ (Bambury).


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