Pedagogy in Further Education and Vocational Teacher Education

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The moral role of teacher educators

Belief among teacher educators that teacher education plays a pivotal moral role in the preparation of teachers including the development of reflexivity, inclusivity, equality and social justice is present in research from Apple (2009), Bentley (2009), Freedman et al. (2004), Mevorach and Ezer (2010), Roofe (2021), Thurston (2010) and Zeichner (2009).

Buller (2019), Lawy and Tedder (2012), Lucas and Nasta (2010), Mevorach and Ezer (2010) Thurston (2010) and Zeichner (2009) argue from their evidence that TEds should also be visible contributors to debates about teaching and learning, and debates about standards and democratic engagement with society.

Although this is a regular theme from research, there is little evidence from England of movement towards TEDs being supported to follow this moral direction, and if anything, this is proving more difficult.