Educational Audiology

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Child and Family Support

The British Cochlear Implant Group conference 2020 included a poster about the role of Educational Audiologists related to auditory implants, including aspects of Child and Family Support, entitled ‘Linking Up Listening Life:  Improving Healthcare in the 21st Century.'  

At the Hearing Across the Lifespan Conference in Lake Como, Italy in 2018, a presentation called  Educational Audiology – Empowering Families Using Technology outlined new opportunities for empowering families via technology and partnerships working. 

Dr Imran Mulla, Audiology Lead in Education, together with co-researchers (Archbold et al, 2015) explored the impact of mild to moderate hearing loss in a technical report, demonstrating a need for access to information for parents, children, young people, teachers, local authorities and NHS England to ensure appropriate and timely support.