Educational Audiology

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Educational Audiology

An Educational Audiologist fulfils the unique role of providing expertise and liaison between education and  health professionals, to improve outcomes for children and young people who are deaf (CYPD) and provide families and other professionals with timely, empowering, ongoing support to meet the needs of their child.

Aims of this MESHGuide are to

  • increase understanding of the role of an Educational Audiologist

  • highlight its importance as part of an educational authorities’ provision for CYPD. 

  • provide information about training and professional registration requirements to those considering career options, particularly in the UK

  • highlight research contributions to the field written by educational audiologists which can be found amongst various following subject headings, in particular ‘Dissertations’

The level of Educational Audiology input and duties varies widely between different countries and between different areas within countries such as in the UK.This MESHGuide is authored largely from the UK perspective, while resources from other countries are included where possible. It is hoped that this MESHGuide will enable Services supporting CYPD to consider their provision and its development.

Terminology about hearing impairment varies as well.  In this MESHGuide, mainly UK nomenclature is used where ‘deaf’ can refer to any level of hearing loss. 

This guide is one in a series of Deaf Education MESHGuides.