Numeracy for all (VSO)

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Major reports

The major reports below outline core research findings underpinning the advice in this guide.


This report from extensive research covers classroom management, objective setting, homework, classroom and behaviour management, language, Assessment for learning, plenaries (UK Government Report).


Education Endowment Fund (EEF) report was released in January 2020 into teaching maths in EYFS / KS1 –



This UNESCO report, summarising a research synthesis commissioned by the New Zealand Government, introduces a range of pedagogies/ways of teaching such as: 

Independent thinking time, whole class discussion partners & small groups, using misconceptions and errors as building blocks, challenging thinking, tasks, practice, making connections, connecting mathematics to every day life, assessment for learning, questioning, feedback, self and peer assessment, mathematical language: speaking listening and argumentation, multilingual contexts, developing thinking, teaching knowledge (UNESCO Report).